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Huawei Branded Smartphone Coming to the UK

Chinese telecom equipment maker Huawei followed the footsteps of its rival ZTE by announcing last week that it is coming up with its own brand of mobile phones and tablets, targeted at the global market including the UK.

Adding more into that massive step taken by the company, now the UK based independent retail giant Phones 4U has confirmed that it is joining forces with Huawei to promote and sell the first two handsets launched by the company.

With the deal inked between the two companies, Phones 4U has become the first and only company to enjoy the exclusivity of these new offering from the Chinese telecom giant.

Expressing his opinion on this newly formed partnership between the two companies, Scott Hooton- the trading director for Phones 4U claimed that it is going to be a “massive opportunity” for his company in the days to come.

He also added by saying that the joining-hands will also add "more innovation and choice for [Phones 4U] customers", more so for the youth market.

"We're trying to establish the brand, almost from scratch." He followed up by saying that Huawei's own-brand handsets would compete with "anyone involved in Android," Huawei's UK executive vice president Mark Mitchinson said in an exclusive interview with Bloomberg news.