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Intel sponsors breaking a Matisse into particles

Chip firm intel has been handing out hardware to selected artists to persuade them to reinterpret classic works of art using the awsome power of its latest desktop processors.

Such celebrated works as Vincent Van Gogh’s The Starry Night and Edvard Munch’s The Scream have been tampered with for an Intel-sponsored exhibition designed to get people to buy more PCs.

J. M. W. Turner’s 1844 masterpiece Rain, Steam and Speed – The Great Western Railway is turned into a 3D animation, while conceptual artist Maxence Parache turned Henri Matisse’s Dance II into an interactive particle cloud projection after he got his hands on '2nd Generation Intel Core processor technology'.

According to Parache: "Sourcing inspiration from Matisse’s hypnotic painting, Dance II, my aim is to invite the viewer to enter an immersive and dreamlike experience where one can interact with the circle of dancers. I have taken influence from Fauvism and have explored this through physical computing, capturing the wild and intense primeval atmosphere of Dance II”.

If that sounds like entertainment to you, Intel's “Remastered: A Visibly Smart Production from Intel” exhibition will be at the London Design Festival in Shoreditch, London, from 22nd September to 25th September.

“The Remastered project has allowed Intel to unlock the creative potential of technology and show that a mouse can be as effective as a paintbrush in design," Gail Hanlon, marketing director, Intel UK and Ireland, burbled into a press release.