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Lenovo to Manufacture Intel Ultrabooks?

Computer maker Lenovo has confirmed that it has plans to develop the next generation Ultrabook laptops, which will be light and thin and will give competition to Apple’s MacBook Air devices.

During the company’s earnings call, Chief Operating Officer Rory Read confirmed Lenovo’s strategy for introducing the so-called Ultrabook devices, which are being championed by chip maker Intel.

“Lenovo will invest in innovation to be a leader in that space and that will drive demand. No doubt,” Read said during the conference call with analysts.

“You'll see us introduce over the coming quarters the ability to reach mainstream price points with [Ultrabook] solutions that were only 18 months ago in premium segments. That's just a natural evolution of the space,” he continued.

He also claimed that the notebooks will reach mainstream pricing, which is referred to the sub-$1000 segment in 2012.

“I wouldn't say by the end of the year necessarily but...that's definitely going to happen,” he said, as transcribed by CNET.

Apart from having an ultra lightweight and thin design, Intel based Ultrabooks will come with a longer battery life capable of lasting for days.

Intel, in order to fuel development in this segment, recently set-up a multi-billion dollar fund in order to encourage companies to develop hardware and software around the Ultrabooks technology.