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Microsoft Hints at Future of Entertainment in Living Room

Microsoft Corporation on Wednesday suggested that the company may look into the entertainment business like its rival companies Apple Inc. and Google Inc. soon. However, the company is looking up to its gaming console and Kinect technology to work together to build up the strategy instead of Windows Operating System.

The operating systems giant has shown interest to dwell into the TV and entertainment market as the company suggested in a blog post that Windows has nothing do with the future of Microsoft TV.

The post revealed that the company is ready to work to offer its consumers better and enhanced entertainment options by bringing together technologies applied in Xbox 360, search engine Bing and motion sensing technology Kinect. The company executives even dropped hints about this during the E3 event. This attempt by Microsoft seems to be a step towards capitalising on the entertainment market where Apple has already begun its campaign.

“This is just a hint of what’s to come. We’ll be rolling out further advances in entertainment over the next few months. Keep an eye on and the Microsoft News Center to see what’s next.” Frank X. Shaw, Vice President for Corporate Communications at Microsoft wrote in the official blog post titled, The Future of the Living Room.