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New Images Of iPhone 5 In Production?

Another day, another rumour about Apple's upcoming iPhone hits the Internet. This time, the report comes from China, and is accompanied by a picture, showing employees in white suits working on what appear to be iPhone displays.

The displays don't look like anything we have seen before and they are clearly not iPhone 4 displays. Although the image isn't very clear, the elongated Home button is much like the one rumoured to be featured on the upcoming iPhone 5.

And M.I.C Gadget, at least, is convinced that the employees in the picture are actually working on displays for the fifth generation iPhone.

But the displays could also belong to the next generation iPod Touch, since, as shown by the images, the displays don't feature cut-outs for a FaceTime camera or for a receiver. On the other hand, the displays in the photo do appear to be wider than those of the iPhone 4, and they would line up pretty well with the rumored 4inch display to be sported by the iPhone 5.

The picture also shows the employees wearing protective uniforms and masks. In the past, there have been reported poisonings during the production of Apple touchscreens, due to N-Hexane cleaners.

So what do you think? Could these be the rumoured iPhone 5?