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Noon News: Unlimited SMS on AT&T, Lenovo's Interest in Intel Ultrabook, HP TouchPad Shocker

US Telecom giant AT&T will be dumping the low-tier $10 per month SMS plan and in turn will offer a new unlimited text messaging scheme from next week. The new plan according to AT&T would be charged at $20 per month and subscribers will be provided unlimited text messages.

Hewlett and Packard Co. (HP) has decided to withdraw its support for the recently launched HP TouchPad based on WebOS as the company is looking forward to selling off its computing business division aimed at consumers. “HP reported that it plans to announce that it will discontinue operations for WebOS devices, specifically the TouchPad and WebOS phones.

Lenovo has confirmed that it has plans to develop the next generation Ultrabook laptops, which will be light and thin and will give competition to Apple’s MacBook Air devices. Chief Operating Officer Rory Read, during the company’s earnings call, confirmed Lenovo’s strategy for introducing the so-called Ultrabook devices, which are being championed by chip maker Intel.

HP shocked the world of technology by announcing that it was evaluating strategic alternatives for its Personal Systems Group, including the option to spin out its PC division, a move that provides a sure sign of the paradigm shift that is happening in front of our eyes. The traditional Personal Computer, commonly defined by Microsoft and Intel, is a dying breed with its form factor, software and hardware fundamentals being challenged by the likes of Apple, Google, ARM and others.

Software Restore Solutions more commonly identified as a patent troll has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Apple, claiming that Apple’s Disk Utility application violates its patent. The patent troll filed the lawsuit in the Northern District of Illinois and claims that Apple violates its US Patent number #5,832,511 titled ‘Workgroup network manager for controlling the operation of workstations within the computer network’.