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Samsung Prepping 5.3-inch Opponent To iPhone 5

Samsung is set to blur the lines between tablets and smartphones even more with the forthcoming launch of the GT-I9220, a smartphone with a 5.3-inch display which is set to dwarf the screen size of its rivals.

In comparison, the Samsung Galaxy S2 has a 4.3-inch display while the Streak, the smartphone with the biggest screen at present, has a display diagonal length of 5 inches.

The GT-i9220 will also come with the first ever HD ready screen - which will use Samsung's Super AMOLED Plus HD technology - on the market at 1280x720 pixels. While this is higher than the resolution on the iPhone 4 (which stands at 960x640), its pixel density is lower (277 ppi compared to 330ppi).

Other rumoured specifications include a 1.4GHz dual core SoC (possibly a Samsung Exynos model), an eight-megapixel camera plus a front facing one, 1GB RAM, at least 16GB onboard storage and Android OS 2.3.4 Gingerbread as the main operating system (no Ice Cream Sandwich for the moment).

The handset, if it is indeed a real product, will take over from the Galaxy S2 as the top of the range smartphone from Samsung, which may mean that the former - which can already be had for under £400, is set to be reduced in price even further.