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Who Needs An iPad 2? 64GB 3G iPad Still On Sale For £399

PC World is currently selling the original iPad for only £399 including free delivery which is the same price as the current cheapest iPad 2, the 16GB Wi-Fi only version; this particular model comes with 64GB and 3G and, as the former top of the range tablet, was previously on sale for £714.

The figure however appears to be a massive mis-pricing since PC World sells the same tablet with an O2 microSIM for £499 and the refurbished version of the device costs a massive £449 from the same outlet.

The original iPad is still significantly better than many of the tablets on the market, although it is becoming increasingly difficult for Apple to justify the price difference between a tablet that comes with a single core system on chip and 256MB RAM and others costing half the price that come with dual core chips and twice the system memory.

There are only a few differences between the old and the new iPad tablets; Apple swapped the A4 for the A5 processor, doubled the onboard memory, added a rear and a front camera and slimmed down the iPad 2. Battery life as well as the screen and the overall design remain the same.

The third gen iPad is rumoured to have been delayed due to manufacturing issues and will therefore not be arriving this year as had apparently been planned.