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£70.00 TVONICS New Digital TV Recorder 250GB HDD

If you are looking for a high end TV recorder at quite an affordable rate, then you need to look no further as the TVONICS New Digital TV Recorder is the right solution for you.

The TVONICS is quite sleek and the fanless design brings you just the right mix of quality and performance any recorder should have.

With Freeview+ capability, the recorder allows you to record 2 channels at the same time and watch on pre-recorded. The enormous 250 GB HDD provides you ample of space to record all your favourite TV shows, movies, songs, etc.

The one touch functionality records and entire series without any complex set of steps. The recorder brings you the ability to upscale the recording to 1080p.

In regards to connectivity, the recorder includes an HDMI switch, one USB port and one SCART. The HDMI switch allows you to connect three HDMI appliances with only one lead connecting to your TV. Analogue capture allows you to connect any analogue device to the front inputs or to the SCART and display via HDMI.

The recorder uses 24w power while operational and 3w while in standby. The package also includes a universal remote.

The TVONICS New Digital TV Recorder 250GB HDD is available on eBay for £70.00.