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HP Sales Suffer Amidst Oracle’s Decision to Zilch Itanium Support

World’s largest computer selling company Hewlett and Packard Co. (HP) is said to be facing downturn in its sales ever since rival company Oracle Corporation stopped supporting the Itanium platform.

According to tech website ZDNet, current chief executive officer of HP, Leo Apotheker has revealed that the company is facing hiccups in sale in its mission critical systems due to the end of support to Itanium platform by Oracle.

“Revenue in business critical systems declined 9% year over year. This decline is sharper than expected as our ability to close deals has been impacted by Oracle’s decision and orders are being delayed or cancelled.” Apotheker said while announcing its quarterly earnings and decision to end support and operations for WebOS and its tablet computer TouchPad.

Apotheker went on to add that the company is trying to reach a solution with Oracle as soon as possible keeping in mind the commitments made by Oracle with the company and its customers.

HP is already fighting a legal battle with Oracle in the Superior Court of California in Santa Clara accusing the company of anti-consumer behaviour and forcing it to refurnish support for Itanium platform. Both the companies have come face to face in legal hearings trying to prove their own point against the end of Itanium support.