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iPhone 5 Orders Scaled Down Amid Global Economic Gloom?

Contrary to recent reports, Apple is apparently scaling down iPhone orders for the second half of 2011, due to the global economy situation, 9to5Mac reports.

Just last week, DigiTimes was claiming that Apple had upped iPhone orders for the second half of 2011 (third and fourth quarter) to 56 million units. Apparently, the 56 million iPhone handsets included both current generation devices, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 (GSM and CDMA), but also next generation models, namely the rumoured iPhone 5.

Now, Digitimes is reporting that Apple is actually scaling down chipset orders for the second half of 2011, more precisely for the fourth quarter, due to the downturn in global economy. And the Cupertino giant isn't the only smartphone vendor the economy has impacted on, as HTC is also reducing orders for the same quarter, according to sources from Taiwan-based suppliers.

"While most smartphone vendors are likely to reach their shipment targets for the third quarter, they have begun to reduce orders for parts and components for the fourth quarter in preparation for a possible impact from changing economic conditions," the Digitimes source notes.

With the probable arrival of the iPhone 5 in early October, it would be interesting to see Apple's supply and demand projections, in light of the present report.