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Microsoft Deactivates Evasive Supercookies

Microsoft Corporation has reportedly disabled the tracking mechanism, dubbed as a supercookie that allowed the company to keep track of users’ web activity even if the cookies and data history were cleared.

According to tech website, the Computer World, Redmond, Washington-based software giant on Thursday announced in an email that the company has immediately taken steps to bar the so called supercookie that allowed Microsoft’s systems to sneak into its users web history illegally.

"We determined that the cookie behavior he observed was occurring under certain circumstances as a result of older code that was used only on our own sites, and was already scheduled to be discontinued," the associate general counsel of Microsoft Corporation, Mike Hintze, wrote in the email.

However, Hintze went on to add that the data which was unknowingly collected by the company’s servers has never been leaked out to any third party.

According to Jonathan Mayer, a member of the research team at the Stanford University Security Laboratory informed in an email that Microsoft ran at least two supercookies in its server that allows the company to maintain a link up with a web browser and continue to carry details about the web activities of that system even after the cookies had been cleared.