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Microsoft-Motorola Android Lawsuit's Initial Hearing on Monday

Microsoft’s claims of Motorola infringing upon a few of its patents through Android-based handsets will be heard to, this coming Monday.

Microsoft, last October, claimed that Smartphones developed by Motorola which are based on Android violate 9 of its patents. These patents, according to Microsoft, are in regards to features such as syncing of emails, calendar and contacts. Judge Theodore R. Essex of the International Trade Commission will be hearing to Microsoft’s claims against Motorola reports CNET.

The hearing shall be taking place at the headquarters of ITC and will primarily centre on the claims made by the Redmond, Washington-based Operating System giant against Motorola. Bearing in mind that this is just an initial hearing which is going to last for nearly 2 weeks, there is not chances that any verdict will be given.

According to the schedule that has been decided, initial determination about the strength of the claims will be given out later this year and the final verdict may come sometime in 2012.

Even though initially there was no direct involvement of Google in this lawsuit, now that Google has made its bid for the acquisition of Motorola, the lawsuit would be more or less between Microsoft and Motorola.

Last week, Google initiated a motion to ban one of Microsoft’s experts from testifying court. But, much to the dismay of Google, this plea was rejected by Jude Essex on the grounds that Google didn’t ‘do enough’ to settle this lawsuit outside of court.