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RIM Valuation Doubles Following Google-Motorola Deal

Soon after Google made one of the most important acquisitions of the decade, sale value of Canadian smartphone maker Research In Motion (RIM) nearly doubled.

According to the Bloomberg, market analysts and researchers have placed RIM on a pedestal as Morgan Keegan & Co. said that the value of BlackBerry maker could be easily set at $25 billion, almost double its present value of $13.5 billion.

Analysts at Morgan Keegan & Co. believe that the high wave of Google Inc. acquiring competent rival Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc. along with its huge portfolio of patent copyrights may cater all the attention of other leading smartphone and tablet manufacturers such as Samsung Electronics Co. and Microsoft Corporation.

“It gives a potential acquirer scale and share in a market that’s rapidly being dominated by Google and Apple. It might be valuable for someone like Microsoft that’s trying to make inroads into the handheld space,” Malcolm Polley, the chief investment officer at Indiana, Pennsylvania-based Stewart Capital said.

RIM is going through a tough phase as its current value has gone down from $83 billion to merely $13.5 billion, ever since smartphone makers Apple Inc. and Google Inc. dominated the entire market.