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SoftBank Announces Kitty-Branded Android Gingerbread Smartphone

Ever since its first step into the market, Hello Kitty - the brand responsible for introducing a wide range of accessories, designed to attract the members of the fairer sex has managed to bag a huge fan following all across the world, specifically in Japan where its journey began from.

And now, bringing more joy to the fans of the brand, Japanese carrier SoftBank is introducing the first ever Hello Kitty branded Clamshell Android Phone.

The new offering from SoftBank, just like most other Japanese handsets, features a clamshell design and it is equipped with an impressive 3.4 inch display with 854x480 pixel resolution.

Apart from all the other regular specs and features such as a micro SD card slot for memory expansion, Infrared, Wi Fi, Bluetooth, One Seg TV Tuner, the Hello Kitty handset is also capable of shooting high definition pictures with its built in 16.1 megapixel camera.

Powered by the Android Gingerbread 2.3 operating system, the Hello Kitty has definitely come as a tempting product for the tech and fashion savvy youth market, especially for those belonging to the fairer sex.

SoftBank is likely to kick start the shipping of the product sometime during the next month.