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WebEx Goes Cheaper as Cisco Aims for Skype’s Share

Enterprise networking giant Cisco has dished out a low priced package of its video conferencing solution WebEx.

The package, which is being targeted towards small and medium sized businesses and individuals, allows one to hold online meetings with up to 8 people for $19 per month.

Cisco is going after businesses which don’t use online collaboration tools or are planning to go with Skype. Before this, the company offered only a standard package which allowed businesses to conduct online meetings with up to 25 people for $49 per month.

According to the company, the new low priced WebEx offering comes with all the features that can be found on other WebEx packages like desktop sharing, high-quality video, recording capabilities, integrated Outlook scheduling and compatibility with WebEx Mobile.

“While executives are clear they need a powerful communication’s arsenal (see report here) smaller businesses and individuals aren’t yet reaping the rewards. WebEx wants to make video conferencing accessible to everyone in any sized company – from the 90% of employees who work offsite cited in the report, to freelancers, home businesses, start-ups and more,” Cisco’s Jennifer Carole wrote in a blog post.