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£229.99 Boston Acoustics XS Black 5.1 Speaker Package

The Boston Acoustics brings you an excellent speaker system with quality audio output, the XS Black 5.1, at an affordable rate.

The name, Boston Acoustics, might just not ring the bell, but you shouldn’t just look the other way because of the unfamiliarity with the brand name. The speaker package has been discovered as a truly high-end and well performing system by the Hi-Fi Magazine.

The sound quality is at per with the other leading brands and provides a clear and crisp audio quality with the little satellite speakers providing you with sound quality that fill the entire room. The speakers feature an impressive 100W amplifier which peaks at 250 watts. The sound output quality is always consistent and well-balanced with 5.1 channel output that takes your entertainment level to the next level. The speakers are finished in black colour.

The sub-woofer is of type active and weighs about 9 kg with 377 mm in height and 284 mm in width. Hi-Fi magazine states, "It's been a long time coming but finally we have a new budget style system worth shouting about. It may be XS in size but it's an XL for performance."

Boston Acoustics XS Black 5.1 Speaker Package can be purchased from Best Buy for £229.99.