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Anonymous Preps Another BART Protest Today

Barely a week after the infamous hacktivist group Anonymous caused severe headache for the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) agency by forcing it to temporarily shut down four downtown San Francisco stations in the rush hour, the group is planning on a fresh round of protest again.

The group has announced that it is carrying out yet another protest today, at 5 pm at the Civic Centre Station, the same time and the same place as that of last week’s demonstrations.

Anonymous’ campaign against BART, which the group officially named OpBART, is aimed at making the agency officials admit that their decision to jam cell phone services in underground stations during an earlier planned demonstration was wrong.

Anonymous also asked for apologies from the BART officials for doing so, as well as demanded that the transit agency’s chief spokesperson should be terminated for defending the jamming of cell phones services and using derogatory words against Anonymous members.

Meanwhile, BART has officially issued an alert to all the commuters on Sunday, warning them of the protests organised by Anonymous, as well as asked them to be prepared for any delay, or even shut down of a few stations for safety reasons. It also urged people to keep alternative transportation plans ready in case something goes wrong.