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Apple iOS 5 Features Earthquake Warning System for Japan

Japanese iPhone users will be able to get early earthquake warnings and alerts on their device thanks to the soon-to-be-launched iOS 5 operating system.

The feature will be a part of iOS 5’s Notification Center, which along with deeper Twitter integration and iMessage, is one of the new features that will be coming to the iOS platform.

According to 9to5 Mac (opens in new tab), users will be able to activate the feature from the bottom of the Notification Center settings window.

Japan has a highly sophisticated early earthquake warning system installed, which by taking data from more than 1,000 seismic centers, gives out warning to the people seconds or one or two minutes before the earthquake happens.

The Japanese government dishes out warning to its citizens via radio, television and SMS. Apple is the first foreign company to incorporate the feature in its handset.

The most recent earthquake and tsunami is Japan resulted in deaths of more than 16,000 people in Japan and caused heavy losses to property.

Apple reached out in support of the Japanese people earlier with CEO Steve Jobs sending an email to Apple’s Japanese employees, offering the company’s help and support if they or their family members had been affected by the disaster.

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