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Boost in Sony PS3 Sales Following Price Cut

Tech giant Sony’s decision to introduce a cut down in the price of the PlayStation 3 has paid off, as the sales of the gaming console has taken a steady upward turn, new reports revealed.

According to a report by the technology site MCV, UK, the sales figure of the console registered a steady growth at near about 65 percent week on week after the company brought down the price for the device to just £199.99. Apparently, the MCV report was citing the inputs taken from a “reliable”, unnamed retailer source.

Intensifying the aggressive marketing campaign to an entirely new level, Sony this morning introduced an enormous “5000 run of six sheet public posters ads” all across the High Streets of the UK, followed by a handful of retailers getting the devices with the revised price-tags in their stores, according to the MCV report.

Meanwhile, the company has more reason to feel happy and optimistic about. The arrival of the Deus Ex: Human Revolution this Friday, as well as the holiday shopping season being close at hand, it is highly likely that the sales figure of the device is going to be even higher than what is has been so far since the price cut was first introduced.

Many experts believe that the price cuts in PS3 may be an indication that PlayStation 3 successor may soon be announced.