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British Airways Trialling iPad 2 For Cabin Crew

British Airways is switching from classic old paper to digital by equipping its cabin crew with tablet PCs to help deliver comfortable, high-end air travel, T3 reports.

The company has recently begun testing Apple's iPad 2, which could soon replace the outdated paper format, to provide passenger seating layouts, profiles or special food requests. The iPads would not only help offer passengers a better service, but they could also prove to be of great help to cabin crew.

The iPad 2 tablets in testing have specialised software that show the crew the passenger manifest that was until now listed on a piece of paper. The tablet would display the seating layout, listing the place of each passenger, special dietary requirements, updating the customer service live.

At any time during the flight, even when the plane is on the runway, the updated service will send information to them in real time. Plus, the tablets can display timetables and safety manuals, making the cabin crew's work easier.

For the moment, the project is in trial phase with 100 staff members testing it, but all 1,800 senior cabin crew members could be getting the tablets in the following couple of months. According to British Airways' head of inflight customer experience, Bill Francis, although this project is currently on a small scale "the possibilities for future development are endless".

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