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China Mobile To Carry Apple's iPhone 5 From October?

After announcing its quarterly earnings, the world's largest carrier, China Mobile, held a news conference, during which the iPhone 5 was brought up. The company's chairman claimed they have met with Apple CEO Steve Jobs several times to discuss the possibility of partnering up for the upcoming iPhone 5, according to a Reuters report.

China Mobile's TD SCDMA standard network is not currently supported by the iPhone. Even so, there are more than 7 million iPhone users on China Mobile, but their iPhones are not capable of 3G speed. It seems that the upcoming iPhone 5 could be changing that.

It isn't the first time we've heard rumors about a China Mobile iPhone 5. The Reuters report correlates with a previous rumour from, among others CapitalVue, a Chinese site, that claimed Apple and China Mobile have signed a deal to launch the iPhone in October, after long negotiations that started back in 2007.

At the latest Apple earnings call, the company COO Tim Cook suggested that China is a key market for their products, as in the country had increased by more than six times. Given the iPhone 5's huge popularity and the fact that China Mobile is the largest carrier in the world, a future partnership between the two always seemed inevitable.