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Dell Refreshes EqualLogic Storage Arrays for SMBs

Tech juggernaut Dell today unveiled a refresh of its midrange EqualLogic storage arrays, a move designed to benefit smaller and medium businesses as well as remote corporate offices, the company has announced.

The new offerings dubbed the PS4100 and PS6100 SANs (storage area network) follows up the previous PS4000 and PS6000 models. Unlike the previous versions, the new offering comes with a 50 percent increase in the density - all thanks to the 2.5 inch drives Dell has blessed them with. This, needless to say, comes as a quite handy spec as it allows users to opt for solid state drives as well.

Since all of the PS series models are basically managed by single software, different models in the family lineup are compatible with being combined, and observed through a single interface.

“Travis Vigil, executive director of Dell Storage, said the new hardware platforms offer up to a 67% improvement in I/O throughput. The new family includes 2.5-in SAS, SATA and SSD drives, he added,” according to this report published by the technology site Computer World.

The new offering not only extends its support to 7200 revolutions per minute SATA drives, but it can also with 10000rpm and 15000 rpm SAS and Solid blend quite easily with 99 GB solid state drives.