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Dixons To Sell HP TouchPad Tablet For £89 Tonight

DSGi, the owner of PC World, Dixons and Currys, has confirmed that it will be selling the 16GB version of the Touchpad for as little as £89, which is a significant drop from the original suggested selling price of £399 but still a tad more expensive than the $99 that Best Buy or Futureshop have been selling it over the weekend.

Mark Webb who does PR for Dixons confirmed on his Twitter account that all DSGi stores will either have limited stock online later today (for Dixons) with sales at Currys and PC World starting tomorrow morning. He also confirmed that the 32GB version of the tablet will be sold for £115. Stocks are believed to be extremely low across the country, a sure sign that that DSGi did not have enough confidence in the HP tablet.

It is not know at this stage whether other retailers like Amazon or HP itself will sell the tablet at a discounted price but given the fact that HP was expecting to sell around three million Touchpad tablets in 2011, we suspect that there must be a fair number of TouchPad currently on the market.

There's at least one group of developers looking to port Android to WebOS - as a project called TouchDroid - which we reckon might allow the TouchPad to prolong the life of the tablet even after HP officially discontinues support for WebOS.