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Eric Schmidt’s Edinburgh Speech Will be 'Google Needs TV'

Search engine giant Google is expected to try and woo television broadcaster for its future ventures into the internet based TV market.

According to an article on The Guardian, Google executive chairman and former CEO Eric Schmidt is expected to tell television executives in a speech that the company wants to help broadcaster in building a brighter future for the industry.

Google has had a turbulent relationship with broadcasters and content providers after it was targeted with lawsuits which prevented it from offering content on Google TV, its ambitious IPTV venture.

Schmidt is expected to offer an olive branch to the TV industry by giving the MacTaggrat lecture to an audience of TV executives in Edinburgh. In Schmidt's view, Google and the TV industry are potential partners and natural collaborators.

The sources close to the company indicate that the company is desperate to achieve some kind of truce with the TV industry. Google’s entire business model is based on online advertising, which in turn is driven by online search which happens when good content is offered.

The contents of the speech are being closely guarded by the company but some believe that Google plans to start a programming fund for which the TV companies will be able to bid.