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Google+ Hangouts Come to YouTube

Tech heavyweight Google Inc. has finally rolled out what could make YouTube video sharing a more fun activity - the company has integrated Google Plus Hangouts feature directly into YouTube’s video sharing segment.

The new offering is designed to ensure that Google Plus users can instantly start an online viewing session amongst themselves and nine of their Google contacts.

Videos in hangout option has been in Google+ since its launch, but YouTube has incorporated the option now. The announcement hasn’t been officially from Google, but has come from Brian Glick, Product Manager at YouTube.

“You can now start a Google+ Hangout with a YouTube video, directly from YouTube. Watch with your friends. :)”, stated Glick through his Google Plus Post.

“Just click on "Share" underneath any video, and then click on "Start a Google+ Hangout" in the bottom right-hand corner”, he added.

Once a user clicks the link, he or she will be greeted by a pop up window which will verify if he or she is in the possession of an active Google+ account, linked with the Google account for YouTube. After successfully getting passed the verification process, the user will be provided with the option of choosing his/her buddies and start a Hangout directly.