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Google Street View Gets Israeli Government’s Nod

Israel’s Justice Ministry has decided to give its approval to Google’s Street View services to feature 360 degree images of the country’s streets, according to a new, confirmed report.

The ministry also assured that Tel Aviv’s Law, Information and Technology Authority will cause no worries for Google from now on when it comes to deploying its sophisticated photography equipment in the streets, as well as in posting the photographs taken on its map service.

Google's Street View Service has found itself in the midst of some severe controversies in many countries right from the days when it was still in its early stage.

The main concern raised by world governments as well as their citizens was that Google’s Street View cameras clicked imaged of not only the streets, but also the faces of people passing by, as well as vehicle license plates.

"We are happy that the Law, Information and Technology Authority has given clearance for the operation of Street View in Israel, and we hope to update our information in the near future," Google said in response of the approval of the Israeli government, Haaretz reports.

"The terms approved by us, allow the operation of this valuable service while safeguarding the Israeli public's right to privacy," said Yoram Hacohen, the head of ILITA.