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Heineken offers free WIFI in pubs

BT Openzone has teamed up with Heineken to offer WIFI access for mobile phones and portable devices, in nearly 100 London pubs and bars.

Frequenters of public houses in need of libations can quickly get online from mobile phones, tablets and laptops - all without the need to impact their precious data allowance through this offer. The BT-Heineken partnership also plans to extend the wireless internet service to another 200 bars, by the end of 2012.

Customers can receive exclusive, location-specific content including the best stories from news, views, features, business, culture and sports – this is the first time this content has been made available online, which will be updated daily.

Users of the WIFI can also access a special area of the internet known as the Heineken Hub, where the sister paper to The Independent is exclusively supplying the content.

These pubs now increase BT’s hotspot numbers to more than three million - the largest network within the UK -which has had more than 200,000 sites added in the last three months.

WIFI access is completely free to over five million BT Broadband customers, plus users of iPads, iPhones, iTouch, Android, Samsung and Blackberry devices and smartphones through other BT partnership agreements.

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