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HP drops the TouchPad to £89

HP has confirmed that its TouchPad tablet will be getting a similar price cut in the UK as its has just enjoyed in the US, dropping to just £89 from tomorrow.

The drop in RRP comes after HP slashed the price of the webOS-powered tablet in the US following its announcement that it will be ceasing all webOS hardware development from this moment on. As a result, retailers were left with dead devices - so HP dropped the price to clear inventory.

Although the price drop - down from the already discounted £350 that most retailers are asking for at the time of writing - does nothing to change the fact that the TouchPad is a dead platform, it does make it a tempting impulse purchase for those looking for a web browsing device that's comfortable to use on the sofa.

While the price cut isn't official until tomorrow, Dixons is first out of the gate with an announcement that it will be selling 'limited stock' of the 16GB and 32GB TouchPads starting later this afternoon on its website, priced at £89 and £115 respectively.