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HP WebOS Based TouchPad Fire Sale Begins

HP’s decision to shut down its WebOS business line has given rise to a TouchPad firesale, with retailers selling the tablet device for as low as $99.

Just weeks after it had launched the TouchPad, Hewlett-Packard announced that it will no longer make WebOS based tablets and smartphones. However, HP did say that it will decide on how to ‘optimise’ the value of the software.

The company also revealed that it was considering selling off its PC business as well.

The firesale, which began on Saturday, saw retailers offering TouchPad tablets for prices ranging from $99 to $300. Even retail giant BestBuy, which had recently demanded that HP buy back its TouchPad stock, jumped into the firesale, offering the tablets at prices starting around $100.

The retailer has decided to sell only one Wi-Fi only TouchPad to a single customer with the condition that there will be no returns or refunds.

The firesale is great for people looking for a cheap device to browse the web and answer emails but the tablet lacks a massive app repository like the one which comes with the iPad. In any case, people looking to experiment with tablets will go for a cheaper one instead of buying more premium ones like the iPad.