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HTC Evo 3D Bootloader Unlock Tool Lands Finally

Mobile giant HTC has finally rolled out the bootloader unlock tool for the HTC Evo 3D, the company announced via its official Facebook page.

The move has come from the company only a few days after it unveiled the bootloader tool for the European and International version of the HTC Sensation - something that failed to amuse the American hackers-community which felt sort of betrayed and left out with the offering made by the company.

However, with this latest boot loader unlock package, they have finally got some good news to cheer about.

“We’re pleased to share that the EVO 3D for Sprint unlock process is now available. It requires a software update, so please update your phone via the “About Phone” menu before starting the process,” HTC said .

“Please check for updates, as well as a detailed explanation of the unlock process,” the statement added.

Those who are interested in getting some customization done in their HTC Evo 3D, are recommended to visit the HTC Dev forum for detailed instructions.

Unlocking the boot loader is basically an Android equivalent to jailbreak, which leaves the host device exposed to customizations and manipulations to be made in its core system,