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HTC Incredible Android Gingerbread Update Leaked Claims Site

The Android 2.3 Gingerbread update for the HTC Incredible Smartphone has leaked, much to the excitement of Verizon Incredible users.

According to the Android Police, it has received the Gingerbread RUU from a tipster. The leaked Android build looks like the final one as it matches the version number in Verizon’s support documents, which recently appeared on the carrier’s website and also has the same baseband number.

The fate of Gingerbread for HTC Incredible was undecided for a long time with some sources claiming that the device won’t be lucky enough to receive the update. However, with the appearance of the support documents on Verizon Wireless, it was confirmed that the device will receive the update.

Apart from bringing Gingerbread to the device, the update, which will soon be released over-the-air as well, will bring new features like the ability to send MMS messages correctly, play audio files from a message, send a VCard through SMS, internet connections via Bluetooth and use camera functions without inserting a SD card.

Verizon was supposed to release the update over-the-air last week but it was delayed due to unspecified reasons.

The update brings with it quite a few improvements in terms of messaging, bluetooth, etc.