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Late News: Microsoft Entices WebOS Developers, Skype Bags GroupMe, iOS 5 Beta 6 Unveiled

Software giant Microsoft is planning to siphon WebOS developers to its Windows Phone 7 platform after HP decided to kill its WebOS division. Microsoft has been effectively campaigning in the developer community to attract developers to its nascent platform and has had much success in doing so.

Skype is going ahead with its proposed plan of acquiring the group messaging application maker GroupMe, the VoIP service provider announced on Sunday. The company, however, refrained from disclosing the financial aspect of the deal. But according to various reports circulating around in the market, Skype is believed to have agreed to pay $80-$85 million for the acquisition.

Israel’s Justice Ministry has decided to give its approval to Google’s Street View services to feature 360 degree images of the country’s streets, according to a new, confirmed report. The ministry also assured that Tel Aviv’s Law, Information and Technology Authority will cause no worries for Google from now on when it comes to deploying its sophisticated photography equipment in the streets, as well as in posting the photographs taken on its map service.

LG has announced that it plans to release its Android based Optimus Sol device in Europe in September. The company plans to bring its popular Optimus series to the mid-ranged market with Sol, which will be released in Europe in mid-September, followed by releases in Central and South America.

Barely a couple of weeks after unveiling the previous version, iPhone maker Apple Inc. has rolled out the latest beta build of the new iOS platform, iOS 5 Beta 6 to the developer community. According to industry experts keeping a close eye on the matter, a reduction in the release gaps between the beta versions is very much pointing out towards the final build of the iOS 5 being not far away from hitting the market.