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Microsoft Luring Stranded WebOS Developers with Free Phones & Training

Software giant Microsoft is planning to siphon WebOS developers to its Windows Phone 7 platform after HP decided to kill its WebOS division.

Microsoft has been effectively campaigning in the developer community to attract developers to its nascent platform and has had much success in doing so.

The company’s efforts are being spearheaded by Microsoft’s Brandon Watson, who actively engages developers in new competitions and encourages them to develop for Windows Phone 7.

With HP announcing its plans to discontinue making tablets and smartphones based on WebOS, Microsoft has moved to fill in the void for stunned WebOS developers as Watson announced via Twitter that the company will be offering them free phones, developer tools and training to make them successful on Windows Phone 7 platform.

The company needs developers’ support to move up in the smartphone and tablet race as Apple and Google remain the two dominant players in the industry.

Watson’s Tweet was well received by WebOS as he could be seen replying and receiving messages from several interested developers.

Hewlett Packard, in a shocking announcement, revealed that it was planning to pull the plug on WebOS tablet TouchPad and smartphone Pre and Veer and was also considering spinning off its personal computer business.