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Microsoft VP Claims "PC Isn’t Even Middle Aged Yet"

A Microsoft executive has raised his voice in support of the PC, claiming that the industry, as of now is in the “PC plus” era, instead of the “Post-PC” era as termed by many.

Asserting through an official Microsoft blog on the issue that PCs are not going to be obsolete anytime soon, Frank Shaw, the Microsoft Corporate Vice President of Corporate Communication went on stating that those who predict the death of Personal Computers as being imminent, are going to be proved wrong in the days to come.

He also said that new-generation gadgets such as tablets, eReaders and smartphones "aren't PC killers, but instead are complementary devices." He adds, "even their [new generation gadgets] most ardent admirers will not assert that they are as good as PCs".

According to him, PCs are not going to be out-dated anytime soon as there is still a bunch of quite important stuff that they do in a much more efficient manner than any of the new gadgets can accomplish. In addition to that, he also claimed that PCs are also improving in a lot of areas which, till a few days back could be handled by these new devices alone.

“One should take any reports of the death of the PC with a rather large grain of salt," he said in the blog post.