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Rage HD goes free thanks to Facebook fans

Rage HD, id's mutant-splattering take on the Running Man theme for iOS, has received something of an impressive discount: the game is now free, after receiving 100,000 Likes on Facebook.

Thanks to the popularity of the game with social networking circles, the iOS on-rails shooter has received a price drop from £1.19 to free as id Software works on its next generation title for the platform.

While Rage HD isn't the longest game in the world - as we noted in our review, it's a mere three levels long despite its impressive 743MB download size - it's a rollercoaster ride of on-rails first-person shooting action, where you play a competitor in a deadly gameshow that sees you killing mutants in order to escape with your lives.

As with id's classic Doom and Quake titles, the plot is incoherent at best, borrowing themes from The Running Man, The Killing Gameshow, and arcade hit Smash TV - the deadly gameshow in which you compete is called 'Mutant Bash TV,' but in many ways that just makes the game even more charming.

It's true that the on-rails action is a bit restrictive, and the colour pallette tends towards the brown part of the spectrum, but it's a fun romp nevertheless with astounding graphics and an impressive sound scape.

Along with Infinity Blade, Rage HD is one of the best-looking games available for Apple's iOS platform, and while it was a bargain at £1.19 it's a must-have for free.

The game is available on the iTunes Store now for iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad.