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Reverse billing comes to Vodafone

Mobile phone network Vodafone has introduced the payment of Android applications through the accompanying mobile phone’s tariff, instead of from a credit card.

Vodafone is the first European operator to enable this reverse method of billing for the Android Market, where their customers can now access apps and developers can now monetise them much more easily than beforehand.

Three opened up a similar scheme back in July this year, only for Nokia handsets and its Symbian operating system-based applications.

Even Orange has announced their intentions of bring in application payment to a handset’s monthly or prepay bills, only this is said to be for the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 devices.

Both Vodafone UK and Vodafone Germany are the first to see Android direct operator billing, where the service will initially be available to users who have only purchased their devices through Vodafone online and retail channels.

Vodafone operator billing also extends developers’ reach to the large number of app buying customers who are unwilling or unable to use credit cards, where in some countries this can be more than 90-percent of the market.

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