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Russian State Company Producing Tablets To Rival Apple's iPad

A Russian state-supported company plans to create a tablet for school students that would allegedly rival Apple's iPad, Reuters reports.

Actually, given the tablet's features and price, 'rival' is a big claim. This Russian tablet will be made of plastic and it's main competing characteristic is that it would be far cheaper than the cheapest iPad.

Anatoly Chubais, head of technology conglomerate Rosnano told Prime Minister Vladimir Putin about his plans to produce a student tablet that would only cost $420, while the cheapest iPad is $670. The producer is forecasting major success for the upcoming tablets, saying he expects to grab a 10 per cent share of the global tablet market.

Before beginning mass production of the plastic electronics-based tablets, which will be pre-loaded with educational content, Rosnano is planning on testing them in some schools and seeing how they go down with some of the 13.6 million school students.

Instead of using silicon conductors, the cheap tablets will be using plastic electronics, which were developed in the 1990s at Cambridge University. In January this year, Rosnano acquired 25 per cent of Plastic Logic, one of the world's leaders in plastic electronics.

"This tablet is lighter, there is no glass, even in the screen. Even if school students decide to fight each other with these tablets, they are absolutely injury-free," Chubais joked, trying to promote its new technology.