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Sony Puts Smartphone Hardware Into Playstation Vita

Sony published the complete specifications of the Playstation Vita last week and not surprisingly, the technical details of this portable gaming console read a lot like that of a high end smartphone.

Indeed, the system on chip in the Vita is very similar to what is expected to be found in tablets later this year and will possibly be manufactured either by ST-Ericsson or Texas Instruments.

A SoC based on the ARM Cortex A9 architecture with four CPU cores (Sony didn't disclose the clock speed) plus four GPU cores based on Imagination Technology' PowerVR SGX543MP4+.

Like the iPad 2, the Vita - otherwise known as the PCH-1000 - will come with 512MB RAM, a front facing VGA camera, Wi-Fi and optional 3G. Other confirmed specifications by Sony include a 5-inch 960x544 pixels touchscreen, a rear VGA camera and a multi touch pad, six-axis motion sensing system and electronic compass, Bluetooth, a Playstation Vita and memory card slot and surprisingly 128MB dedicated video RAM.

The cheapest PS Vita Console costs just £228.79 at Toysrus and is likely to cost significantly more than $200 in BOM (the HTC Droid in comparison had a bill of materials of $163.35).