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UK Government Calls on Social Networking Heads Over Riots

UK has sent summons to social media bosses in order to inquire about the role social media platforms played in the London riots.

It is widely believed that social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook along with Research in Motion’s BlackBerry Messenger service were effectively used by rioters to assemble in various parts of London.

Kieth Vaz, the chairman of the Home Affairs Committee of the House of Commons, reportedly wrote to the heads of Facebook, Twitter and RIM because of the obvious role social media platforms played in organising the riots.

"It is clear that people were using the private BlackBerry network to announce that there is going to be riot in such and such street and such and such time," Vaz said.

UK Prime Minister David Cameroon has hinted that the government is looking into blocking access to social media services during future internal disorders.

According to CBR Online, the Scotland Yard is currently hunting down certain people who were responsible for posting provocative and inflammatory messages on social media websites.

A vigil to protest the shooting of alleged drug dealer Mark Duggan gave to way to large scaled riots in London in which many shops were looted and property damaged.