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Xbox Live Gamer Modifies TOS, Sues Microsoft for $500 Billion

In what could be termed as a rather bizarre attempt by yet another Internet ‘parasite’ to exploit legal loopholes against big corporations in order to become rich overnight, a man from Arkansas filed a motion in Seattle against Microsoft Corporation last weekend, claiming that the Xbox maker owes him $500 billion.

Apparently the wanna-be billionaire, named David Stebbins sued the big-fish in the gaming industry on the basis of the complicated technicalities involved in the Xbox Live terms of services.

Seems like the a loophole in Microsoft’s terms of services for the Xbox 360 services allows any user to amend new terms unilaterally unless Microsoft rejects the term in writing within a specified frame of time.

Now, those who are wondering what tricks Stebbins is trying to play on the Xbox maker, it’s really simple - if Microsoft did not cancel his contract within 10 days of receiving his notice, they would require to abide by the new terms forced by him.

In addition to this, “in his new terms he introduced a “forfeit victory clause” in which Microsoft would have to pay him $500 billion dollars in damages if it didn’t respond within 24 hours of the ‘new’ contract taking effect,” technology site Ghacks reports.