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£89 HP Touchpad Tablet: Stock Sale Update From 30 UK Retailers

1pm, 26th September : It's been two weeks now that we've last updated this thread and it seems that there's next to no chance for anyone to get hold of a brand new TouchPad. Carphone Warehouse has issued this statement to underline the fact that there's NO stock anywhere on sale now "To be 100% clear we are completely sold out of the HPTouchpad.The stock message will be reinforced for customers online. Limited stock of the HP TouchPad is available on a range of tethering and gifting deals and with standalone accessory bundles in a selection of stores." The cheapest new TouchPad on Ebay currently retails for £199 with retailers like Prepaymania still selling them at a premium for as much as £400.

5pm, 12th September : Something's happening. Our numerous moles are saying that stock is coming although nobody really seems to know at what price and when. More about that (plus good news for HP staff) here.

11am, 10th September : We've been told by an anonymous, unconfirmed source that Carphone Warehouse would get stocks of 16GB and 32GB HP TouchPad to be sold instore only. Stocks, it is claimed, has been allocated and are being dispatched. The second information bugget we received is from a HP UK Employee who send this email "We received an internal email today that UK HP employees will be able to buy the 16gb and 32gb touchpad's from the internal EPP website on Monday morning at 9.30am for £69 and £110. first 6000 to register for one will be eligible." Good luck guys, we shall be looking at you with envy.

4pm, 9th of September : We've got a competition going on to win an AndyPad tablet worth £179, twice the price of the TouchPad. There's a simple question to answer. The cheaper TouchPad has already been sold out at PC World with only the 32GB version remaining but, somehow, the chaps at DSGi found it funny to put the price of the tablet at £1000. If you're still keen on getting a tablet... Any tablet, why not have a look at our just-published list of alternatives to the TouchPad which, unsurprisingly, includes the still-available, still very expensive, iPad 2. Enjoy the read!

2pm : The TouchPad is back in stock at PC World for £189, a much higher price than from two weeks ago but (a) still cheaper than on Ebay and (b) one that includes the wireless charging station and a classy casing. The 32GB version is also available for slightly more. As always feel free to subscribe to our daily news email (check the box on the top right hand side of this page), follow us on Twitter or Facebook (opens in new tab) and keep us updated at

11pm, 7th of September: HP is now selling the Pre 3 for £170. Be wary though that this is the French version with an Azerty keyboard. You can find more here.

11am, 7th of September: We received confirmation that there will be no more TouchPad from on the Pre 3 deal until further notice. Their site was apparently hammered yesterday by customers yesterday and it remains to be seen whether they bring the deal back. They are still giving away the TouchPad with other less attractive deals though.

2pm, 7th of September : The deal is now live, having started at 11 rather than 10 and there's even one which comes with data (albeit 100MB per month). Worth revisiting this article from two weeks ago. Exclusive: Carphone Warehouse Will Give Free HP TouchPad To Contract Buyers.

5pm, 6th of September : Carphone Warehouse's will give free TouchPad with their Pre 3 contracts (from £15.50p/m on 2 year) from 7/9/2011 @10am according to an anonymous source who got in touch with us at 4pm. More on that here. So there are **some** stocks remaining.

10pm, 5th of September : HP will reportedly produce up to 200,000 TouchPad tablets as part of the last run that it has promised last week in a bid to help its partners clear out existing component stocks. Amazon, we hear, still doesn't want to refund those who've purchase the TouchPad at full price, unlike other retailers like Argos or Tesco. Also noted are the steep falls in price of the RIM Blackberry Playbook (£300 at Currys) and the Motorola XOOM (£330 at PCWorld), two price drops that leave us to wonder whether either will become the next TouchPad soon.

7:31pm, 1st Of September : One of our readers has pointed us to a two year contract at Vodafone for £10.50 per month with a free HP Pre 3 smartphone with a TCO of only £252.

3:00pm, 1st of September : A quick update to let our readers know that the HP Pre 3 can be preordered on an 18-month contract. It is far from ideal though for those who were yearning to get a £69 Pre 3 but if you're DESPERATE to get the Pre 3, this is the cheapest method and you get free data for the duration of your contract as well. Nice! As always feel free to subscribe to our daily news email (check the box on the top right hand side of this page), follow us on Twitter or Facebook (opens in new tab) and keep us updated at

1400, 1/9 : Just over 10 days now that HP announced that it was going to slash the price of its TouchPad tablet to £89, a move that caused a scramble for all stock across the country, pushed prices up, made retailers go mad and made some clever guys quite rich in a few days. Since yesterday, we've heard that HP's Touchpad brief revival mighjt be tied to the need to get rid of existing stock, that the company will be continuing to support the TouchPad even after the brand dies and that HP has updated Quickoffice for the Touchpad. Nice!

1215, 31/8 : Do check "HP TouchPad ultimate hacking guide - upgrading WebOS, performance tweaks, overclocking and installing third-party apps" from our sister website, ITReviews (opens in new tab). You can read HP's official statement over its decision not to sell any more TouchPad device here. Also HP has also confirmed that it will be enforcing new rules in order to prevent customers from buying more than one Touchpad device. A bit too late we think.

1100, 31st of August : Does it make any sense for Samsung to buy WebOS, the operating system that powers the Touchpad? We say no. We've heard that the Insight is selling the TouchPad to business customers for £153 + VAT with an additional £11 for delivery. Just off the phone with HP PR. They have confirmed that there won't be ANY new TouchPad stock in the UK. HP will bring out more tablets for North American customers but none of these will land in EMEA through the usual channels.

2150, 30/8 : HP confirms that more TouchPads are coming in its official blog (opens in new tab). Why would they be turning the production lines again for a tablet that's now obsolete and risk losing around £50 on each tablet?

1820, 30/8 : The current head of HP's PSG has hinted that the company is still interested in tablets although it won't be WebOS based. It now appears unlikely that there will ever be any more stock of the TouchPad, at least not at this price. A quick check around showed that there is stock being sold at around £200 to £299 depending on storage capacity. Well done to those who have managed to get their mitts on one.

0945, 30/8 : Damiantec from Ebay turned out to be a genuine TouchPad seller as he has now reached 90 positive feedback; pity he doesn't have any stock left.. Speaking of Ebay, that TouchPad (opens in new tab) which came with Android preinstalled managed to reach $1425, more than 15 times its stated value. We've also noticed that Cleverboxes (opens in new tab) has been selling tons of TouchPad tablets at £199 on Ebay - currently the cheapest price in the UK - while cunningly putting showing it as OOS on its website. Classic example of capitalism at work. Finally for those who might have missed it, HP is giving away free TouchPad apps and Android will run on the TouchPad fairly soon courtesy of CyanogenMod. As always feel free to subscribe to our daily news email (check the box on the top right hand side of this page), follow us on Twitter or Facebook (opens in new tab) and keep us updated at

10:09am, 28/8: Reports are floating around that HP is not going to provide any further stock to the UK stores or online retailers. The TouchPad maker is going to replenish the stocks in the US first as there is a greater demand in the US compared to other countries. We have also come to know that BestBuy in the US got a shipment of TouchPads yesterday. But, the vendor is not going to update its inventory on its websites. They will be available only from stores. If you know anyone from the US, they can inquire directly in the store with the following SKUs: 16 GB SKU is 2842056 and the 32 GB SKU is 2842092. When the SKU is checked on, it read ‘Sold Out Online’. As we mentioned in our previous post and as one of our readers has rightly mentioned that there are still a plenty available on eBay (opens in new tab), but not at £89 but at a lot higher than that price. (Thanks to Martin Brindley).

It seems that the TouchPad days for the UK are over and there are no chances of getting your hands on the tablet, at least from a UK Vendor.

10am, 27/8: As it stands, the retailers are still offering accessories for the TouchPad. Some claim that the prices have been reduced by as much as £30, but the cut is on the pre-TouchPad meltdown prices. PCWorld, Dixons, Comet, Equanet are the ones that are offering the wireless Bluetooth keyboard for £29.99 on an average. Most of these stores are offering them as 'Collect from Store' option, with only a few stores actually having any stock. Yesterday in the evening, HP did put the TouchPad back on sale again (opens in new tab) for the original price of £399 on its official site, but soon after removed the update with ‘Out of Stock’ message and the firesale prices of £89. HP, it seems, wants to bank on the fact that the recent firesale has created quite a demand for the TouchPad and this might bring back its hope to re-enter the Tablet market with the webOS based Tablet. If HP starts selling the TouchPad with original prices, then it might not go down well with people who are still waiting to get their hands on the TouchPad. Sellers on eBay [this one for example (opens in new tab)] are still offering the TouchPad at a fixed price of £199 for the 16GB version.

Time will tell if the recent sale frenzy has given HP a chance to revive its TouchPad with new and improved offerings.

3pm, 26/8 : Here are four other ways HP could have improved on the way they sold/disposed of their TouchPad and Pre 3. Apologies for not mentioning that there is a full system dump of the Android 2.2.1 from Team TouchDroid here (opens in new tab) that should run on the TouchPad. Also the latest update (from yesterday at 9pm) from Palm's European online store says "no new orders can be taken for this Product at this time. No change expected to that position before 31st August. Customers who have an existing order with us will be contacted directly by our customer service team on Friday 26th in relation to the status of their order. We will contact you - please can we ask you to be patient and await contact by us. Please do not ring or email us as this will only further delay the process. Timing of contact will not in any way affect the status of your order." So in other words, don't expect the Pre 3 sales to be a re-run of the TouchPad. Thanks to Niall for the links.

As always feel free to subscribe to our daily news email (check the box on the top right hand side of this page), follow us on Twitter or Facebook (opens in new tab) and keep us updated at

2pm, 26/8 : The fact that so many people are prepared to pay £200 for a tablet that's already dead in the pan proves that there's a market for such products. Should Amazon therefore pitch its forthcoming tablet at such a price, take a loss on the hardware while recouping the cost on the software to increase its marketshare? Check our article here for an answer. As for the Palm Pre 3 handset, it appears increasingly likely that retailers have learnt their lessons and would rather sell the remaining stock on Ebay rather than selling it at the price HP promised. Disappointing and disheartening to say the least.

1pm, 26/8 : One of our readers bought a Hannspree Hannspad tablet instead after falling to buy a TouchPad. He promptly installed Honeycomb (yep, Honeycomb, not Gingerbread) on it, which he says works fine. "All the marketplace and google apps work and sync with my chrome browser and HTC Desire absolutely fine." Also we received news that the pricing of the Pre 3 is finally falling down but not to £49. We shall let you know shortly. As always, why not subscribe to our daily news email (check the box on the top right hand side of this page), follow us on Twitter or Facebook (opens in new tab) and keep us updated at

11am on 26/8 : A growing trend amongst some of the smaller retailers that had stock of the TouchPad is to sell them with a significant profit on Ebay. One of the weird consequences of HP dropping its prices is that it has become a "top of the head" tablet, displacing the iPad on Google SERPs and there's now proven demand for the tablet at £200. We've also received an email from a client from Damiantec, the guy who sold 160 TouchPad on Ebay, who claims to have received his factory-sealed TouchPad via TNT. He added "He's spotted an opportunity and gone for it - good for him. He's made a profit, I've got my hard to get touchpad at a fair price. A win-win."

1013 Update : Auction for Android on Touchpad on Ebay has reached more than $1000 with 27 bids and 44 hours to go. We've also heard that at least one online retailer has started to sell HP TouchPads on Ebay for just under £200 while saying that they do not have stock on their official website. Keep your updates coming.

0900 Update : Damian from Ebay has sold more than 160 TouchPads at the moment but received only 3 positive feedbacks until now. Tesco published this statement on its Facebook account late last night "Hi All, We understand there have been a number of queries surrounding the HP Touchpad further to the HP decision to discontinue the hardware operations of its WebOS division. We can confirm that Tesco Direct will honour the price reduction implemented by HP for two models as follows: 212-7068 HP TouchPad 32GB wifi from £429 to £115, 212-7376 HP TouchPad 16GB wifi from £349 to £89. To be entitled to the discount the you must have purchased the item on or after the 1st July 2011. We will be contacting all affected customers to process a refund. Please call 0845 600 44 11 for any further queries." Good news for those who have purchased the tablet there. Why not subscribe to our daily news email (check the box on the top right hand side of this page), follow us on Twitter or Facebook (opens in new tab) and keep us updated at

2005 Update : Not much change since the last update. Carphone Warehouse told us that they aren't holding back on any stock and everyone who purchased a TouchPad before it was pulled will receive it. And someone has pointed out that Ebay can sometimes hide something very nasty.

1737 Update : What about giving free 16GB HP TouchPad tablets with your cheap feature phones and not-so-new smartphones. That's the plan Carphone Warehouse has apparently come up with. More here.

1705 update : Someone called Damien told us how **someone** with a van drove around "for 48 hours" and literally bought as much of DSGi's stock as he could. The price of the TouchPad is apparently showing up as £4444.44 on Comet's own system. The chap who wholesells the TouchPad on Ebay is called "damiantec" by the way. Speaking of Ebay, a TouchPad running Android has gone on sale on Ebay and the current bid is $760. We suspect that it will rise to $2000 by the end of the bid on Saturday night.

1605 Update : One of our readers pointed out that the the Hannspree Hannpad is a much better tablet than the Archos 101 and costs less at £149.99 (on Ebay). It comes with a dual core Nvidia Tegra SoC, 16GB onboard storage, 512MB RAM and Froyo. Oh and we've just noticed that Carphone Warehouse is down. Surely something is brewing. Play has also confirmed - via an email to a customer - that it doesn't have any stock and doesn't expect to get any stock as well. We're also heard numerous reports of cancellations by Dabs, HP and Carphone Warehouse. We're not surprised.

1500 Update : Although no retailers are selling the TouchPad (except for Amazon and Ebay), it is quite surprising that quite a few are actually selling accessories for the tablet and are charging full price for them despite the fact that it is essentially a dead product by now. Another reader emailed to say that he was able to BUY a tablet from HP store (UK) but got an email saying that his order had been cancelled because they "were not on this occasion able to meet your requirements satisfactorily" without giving more details about what these "requirements" were. (ed : naughty, naughty). Should HP bring more stock to the market, we'll let you know. Why not subscribe to our daily news email (check the box on the top right hand side of this page), follow us on Twitter or Facebook (opens in new tab) and keep us updated at

1400 Update : We shall start with a review of the TouchPad published by our own Gareth on ITReviews. Gareth got hold of the tablet yesterday and promptly put the tablet through its paces. You can read more about his thoughts here (opens in new tab). If you're looking for a TouchPad under £200, there's tons on Ebay including some from a man who is just about to sell his 100th TouchPad on the auction site. Well done to Damien! You might get a visit from the HMRC for that £10K you earned in less than 24 hours though. Also, one of our readers reports that Tesco is not going to refund users who paid in full for the TouchPad on the basis that it hasn't reduced the tablet's price and another claims that he passed alongside one PC World store which had a poster saying "No, we don't sell TouchPad tablets". As for stock updates, apart from Amazon and Ebay, there are no stocks in the UK.

1312 Update : We got confirmation that Carphone Warehouse has allocated all its TouchPad stock so there's none left. They have even put up a banner on their website which reads "we do not have stock of the Touchpad or the Pre 3 - please do not call us to order these products". Apparently they are still having problems with sales lines being flooded by purchase queries. We've got another email from what looks like a HP employee that we will be publishing soon. In the meantime, why not subscribe to our daily news email (check the box on the top right hand side of this page), follow us on Twitter or Facebook (opens in new tab) and keep us updated at

Noon Update : The bounty to get Android on the HP TouchPad has risen to $2150 (hacknmod (opens in new tab)), there are rumours that there's a TouchPad with Android on Ebay, a claim we're investigating. Also we tracked down the cheapest Android large screen tablet on the market, that's the £150 Archos 101. We've also been told that Carphone Warehouse will cut the price of its Android tablets for ten days starting from tomorrow. Finally, a very long comment from someone who claims to be a soon-to-be-ex HP employee about how the TouchPad saga was perceived from an insider point of view (opens in new tab).

1100 Update : Received multiple confirmations that there are no TouchPad on the HP UK employee and education website at the moment. In addition, HP sent an email regarding the Touchpad saying "HP are not selling this product direct and there is no more stock coming to us. I cannot advise if any of the retailers still have this product or what price they are selling at." However, have a look at the official Touchpad web page on HP's site here (opens in new tab). It lists the tablet for £74+VAT. Stay tuned as we will bring you more details regarding Android running on Touchpad and some stock updates.

1011 Update : The screen capture below was sent to us yesterday by an anonymous reader. We tried to access the URL but didn't see any "add to basket" button. Is there something that HP is planning to do in the UK soon? We've also been told that there might be some stock left on the HP Student/Employee section of the website although we haven't checked yet. In the meantime, why not subscribe to our daily news email (check the box on the top right hand side of this page), follow us on Twitter or Facebook (opens in new tab) and keep us updated at

1940 Update : A little bird has told us that a major retailer will cut the price of some tablets over the holiday weekend so look out for some pretty good deals for those who have missed out on the HP TouchPad. Thanks anonymous but nothing will replace that £89 gem. Why not subscribe to our daily news email (check the box on the top right hand side of this page), follow us on Twitter or Facebook (opens in new tab) and keep us updated at

1733 Update : Call me bitter but... did HP messed up royally with a £89 tablet in the UK? See you all at 8PM for our last update.

1700 Update : The TouchPad's brief life ended as a Supernova when it came to search requests according to Google. If you haven't been able to get hold of the HP TouchPad, why not have a look at those budget tablets (opens in new tab) (ed : it's a bit like going for the next girl after missing on the beauty queen ;-s). We've received news that Argos start to issue refunds to customers who had purchased the TouchPad at full price from the beginning of August. Did you get your mitts on one of those hotpads? Let us at

1600 Update : At this point, most of us will have officially given up on finding any TouchPad, even at full price. Much will be written on the reasons behind HP's decision to drip fed its tablets to a hungry pack of potential customers who went on to literally DDoS its own partners' websites. Play no longer has stock and out of the 30 retailers we are currently tracking, none of them have stock of any sort. Sad and to some extent, pathetic. Why not subscribe to our daily news email (check the box on the top right hand side of this page), follow us on Twitter or Facebook (opens in new tab) and keep us updated at

1530 update : Apologies for the late update, meeting overran. Amazon has ben starting to cancel orders as HP has apparently told them that the item is no longer available and has been discontinued. "We are sorry for any inconvenience this causes" they have added. Many of you who have ordered the Touchpad on the 23rd of August just after midnight should receive this email. One of our readers, Patrick, told us that HP will be selling the Pre 3 through retailers only which presumably means that none will be available through online retailers.

1355 update : We've received reports that Cleverboxes **might** be dropping the price of the Pre 3 soon. The price of the Touchpad 3 on Amazon is fluctuating like crazy and there are a number of HP tablets going on Ebay for under £200. While you're there, why not subscribe to our daily news email (check the box on the top right hand side of this page), follow us on Twitter or Facebook (opens in new tab). We promise that you will become fitter, better, smarter and richer by becoming part of our audience. Keep those emails coming at and see you at 1530.

1300 update : Handtec has confirmed that they will take cancellations once they have confirmed the prices of the Pre3 and the Touchpad. Stuff-it, another retailer who had some Touchpad stock, said that all is gone and that they are "extremely disppointed" not to receive further allocation. Ditto at Cleverboxes and Carphone Warehouse. Gary sent us an email saying that Argos will be expecting stock from the 11th of September onwards. No stock across the country it seems. Oh and thanks to Chris for telling us that those lucky enough to have a Touchpad (never though I'd say that) can get TouchPad cases for half price at Comet and Dixons. Keep those emails coming at and see you in one hour.

Noon Update : Handtec says that it will update its Touchpad webpage right (opens in new tab)... now.... on Touchpad pricing and availability. The obvious problem as it stands is that that particular page is down at the moment. Cleverboxes, another obscure IT retailer, says that they might have some stock. Worth checking. Carphone Warehouse is currently down for some reasons. Is something brewing? Keep those emails coming at

1128 update : Want another proof that the HP Touchpad is the legal equivalent of Anonymous' low orbit ion cannon? Check this statement from Handtec. "The site is down due to the traffic for the HP Pre 3 and HP Touchpad". They are not accepting any orderes for the HP Touchpad or the Pre 3 ATM. If we're missing anything, send an email to

1000 update : Finally, Argos has slashed the price of the HP Touchpad to £89 and £119 respectively but there's no stock either for delivery or to be reserved for store pick-up. You can always drop your email but there's no confirmation as to whether stock will be available. Also Argos is likely to refund those who ordered the TouchPad at full price although we're awaiting official word from them. In a Twitter message, Argos said "From today we have lowered the price of the HP TouchPad. Most have already been reserved by customers & only 1 is available per customer." We'd advise against buying from Amazon at this stage because price are fluctuating like a yo-yo, up to £383 now from £299 hours earlier. We shall also call Handtec in a few minutes to confirm whether they will stock the Pre 3 and the Touchpad.

0910 : Interesting, Handtec is taking preorders (at full price) for the Touchpad while Clove Technologies has confirmed that it will not sell the Touchpad as it has removed the product from its listing. Nothing much to report from the other retailers. Next update at 10am.

0800 : Amazon has dropped the price of the 32GB Touchpad to £299. You might be interested in the £43 HP Pre 3 to be launched soon, our conspiracy theory about why so many retailers simply didn't sell any Touchpad and why HP might have delivered a poisoned pill to iPad 2 rivals. Further update on stocks at 0900.

2330 Update : Last update of the day. No changes at the moment. Cheapest TouchPad ATM at Amazon for £249.

1930 Update : Presently, there is no stock anywhere in the UK. Only Argos and Amazon seem to have significant amount of the Touchpad left. Amazon currently has the 16GB model for £249 while Argos is still selling the tablet for £350. All the 28 or so other UK and European retailers we've looked at have either no stocks or have pulled the Touchpad altogether from their product listing. We will update this page one last time for today at around 10PM.

1612 Update : Expansys and Misco have run out of stock.

1459 Update : The only places where you can actually buy a 16GB Touchpad are prepaymania for £407, Amazon for £411.68, Argos for £350, OnestopPCshop for £372, Play and Misco for £349. Cheapest BIN on Ebay is currently £180; insight, which was the latest site to be selling cheap TouchPads, is down. Next update will be at 4PM. Am under the impression that some retailers are removing the Touchpad from their database to prevent incoming traffic from DDoSing their websites.

1412 Update : Apologies for not updating the article as promised earlier. We had a technical issue in the office that needed to be addressed first. The following places are OOS: PC World Business, Equanet, Laksys, Tesco, BHS Direct, Ebuyer, Laptops direct, Dabs, BT Shop, Staples, Lambdatek, Pixmania, Crescent Electronics, Techdepot, Insight. The other non starters (Comet and the likes) do not have stock and we don't expect them to have any.

Expansys is very slow at the moment and although the pricing of the Touchpad is still at £360, it has published the following statement to inform potential purchasers "If you place a pre-order for this product now, we will not ship the product or charge your credit card without confirming you still wish to proceed when stock arrives. There are no cancellation charges." Next update will be done at 1500 sharp.

1132 update : Amazon currently selling Touchpad for £250. Loads of stock coming to Ebay. Dabs selling the 16GB Touchpad tablet for £115 but the site is extremely slow. buy-hp has taken off the TouchPad altogether. Laksys (Comet's twin brother) has dropped the price to £89 but no stock at the moment. Next update at 1200.

1108 update : Staples sold out and site is currently down, sources at Misco tell us they are awaiting orders from HP, added Buy-HP to the list, Dabs/BT Shop sold out on the TouchPad as well. Next update at 1130.

We are currently monitoring 30 websites across the UK and Europe to find out whether there are still HP Touchpad tablets remaining and if so whether they have dropped or not.

The websites we are monitoring are Amazon (Germany and UK), John Lewis, Fnac, Insight, Misco, Dabs, Play, Techdepot, Crescent Electronics, Lambdatek, Pixmania, PCW Business, Equanet, Laptopsdirect, Staples, Dabs/BT Shop, Ebuyer, Argos, BHS Direct, Tesco, Laksys/Comet, Expansys, DSGi and Prepaymania.

At the time of writing (just before 10am), the following websites do not have any stock left; Fnac, Dixons, PC World, Currys, Laksys/Comet, Argos (Pay & Collect), John Lewis, Ebuyer, Techdepot, Pixmania, Lambdatek, Carphone Warehouse/Best Buy and Tesco.

The rest are still showing full price and only Staples, at the time of writing was showing a discounted £89 (opens in new tab) with free delivery but the site is currently running very slowly.

The Touchpad frenzy crashed other websites yesterday including Equanet and Comet while Argos, Carphone Warehouse and DSGi websites were running extremely slowly.

It is not known when the rest of the other retailers will cut their price, but the fact that so many retailers have literally taken down the Touchpad altogether doesn't bode well for those looking to buy.

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