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AMD Beefs Up C & E Series Fusion APUs

Chipmaker AMD is introducing a few new features in its Fusion Accelerated Processing Units (APU) designed for netbooks, PCs and notebooks, it announced.

The company revealed that end users will notice the inclusion of the new offering immediately in terms of an enhanced graphic setup, as well as far more improved battery life.

An APU is basically a CPU (central processing unit) and GPU (graphics processing unit) rolled in together in a single chips. AMD has long been a pioneer in the APU market and it is highly optimistic about continuing with its till-now excellent track record.

The new offering is specifically for the C and E series of AMD APUs built for desktops, netbooks and notebooks.

The refreshed products have already reached a handful of vendors, and if we are to believe the words of Thomas Seifert, acting chief executive for AMD, the APU momentum of the company has increased significantly, both in terms of demand and sales.

"Today’s PC users want stunning HD graphics and accelerated performance with all-day battery life and that’s what AMD Fusion APUs deliver," said Chris Cloran, vice president and general manager, Client Division, AMD.

"With these new APUs, we’re bringing premium features to entry-level products that let users get a richer computing experience." he added.