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Apple to pitch single iPhone 5 at whole world

Apple's next attempt at an iPhone - number - 5 will finally support both CDMA and GSM networks, making a single model able to operate all around the globe according to a source.

An unidentified spiller of beans told TechCrunch he'd found evidence in registration logs to suggest that an iPhone 5 has been tested on both Verizon's CDMA and AT&T's GSM networks.

The app developer reckoned the iOS 5 logs spoke of a single, unidentified device, which he assumes is Apple's forthcoming handset.

Teardowns of the iPhone 4 showed that the version of the iPhone that was sold on Verizon's network, following the initial success of the GSM-flavoured device, had its CDMA functionality bolted on, so it could feasibly have connected to both networks.

So the delivery of a dual-network iPhone is pretty much a no-brainer.