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AWS Launches Amazon ElastiCache For Web Apps

Amazon Web Services is going to launch Amazon ElastiCache, the company’s latest offering in the web services domain, designed for operating an in-memory cache for applications in AWS.

According to the company, this new solution will play a crucial role in the operation, deployment as well as in the scaling of an in-memory cache for Web applications running on its cloud platform.

Amazon officials are claiming that the ElastiCache is capable of introducing some exciting enhancements to the performance factor of web applications by allowing users to extract information from a well managed, fast caching system running in the cloud, rather than the relatively sloppy performance of slower disk based databases.

The ElastiCache is also compatible with Memcached, a fairly popular memory object caching system.

“Caching is a core part of so many web applications today, but running your own caching infrastructure is time-consuming and rarely adds differentiated value for your business,” Raju Gulabani, vice president of Database Services at AWS, said in a statement, eWeek reports.

“Until today, businesses have had little choice but to shoulder this responsibility themselves -- and indeed, many AWS customers have built and managed caching solutions on top of AWS for some time,” he added.