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Cloud Music Site MP3Tunes Not Violating Copyright Says Judge

Cloud based music streaming services like MP3Tunes do not violate the copyright laws designed to protect the interests of musicians and record labels, says a US federal court judge’s ruling.

The lawsuit which was filed by EMI and 14 other major record labels in a New York court claimed that cloud music services duplicate songs in such a manner that the methodology can be termed as a direct violation of the existing copyright laws in the country.

Apparently, according to the record labels, the streaming services offered by cloud services somehow resembles the characteristics of a “public performance”, which requires proper licences and all other legal parameters to be addressed properly.

The complainant in the case accused MP3tunes violating approximately 33,000 factors in the copyright law, of which the judge found only 350 to be valid. And those factors which MP3tunes was found violating, most of those were primarily technical issues rather than being business ill-practices.

These violations include “MP3tunes' inability to distinguish authorized copies of some songs, given away during viral marketing campaigning and unauthorized copies of the song that were still protected,” MoneyControl reports.

“What this means for bigger services like Google Music and Amazon Cloud Drive is that they are actually operating on the correct side of the law,” the report added.