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Facebook, Twitter Record Highest visitors in July

Social networking giant Facebook and Twitter broke all previous records last month with both the sites bagging the highest number of visitors in a single month, a new report disclosed.

According to the data released by the market research outfit ComScore, Facebook climbed up to the fourth place in the list of sites with the highest number of visitors in the US during the month of July. Apparently, Facebook lagged behind only Google which, as usual topped the charts, along with Yahoo and Microsoft.

The number of visitors to the site climbed up sharply during July and reached the 162 million mark, as compared to 160 million in June, and 157 million in May.

Another bright star in the social networking world, Twitter also did pretty well during the same period. The microblogging platform which found its place at the 34th position in the list, witnessed 32.8 million people visiting the site in July, almost 2.2 million and 5.8 million higher than where it stood in the months of June and May respectively.

Other sites with the highest number of visitors during July included AOL Inc., Amazon and Turner Digital with 105,394 million, 97,105 million and 91,188 million respectively.

The report can be accessed here [PDF].