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Facebook Unblocks Activist Accounts, "Controversial Topics" Are Welcome

Social networking giant Facebook has reinstated the accounts of some activists which, the company has since explained, were blocked due to a glitch in the website’s spam filtering system.

According to an article on AFP, the company has sent apologetic emails to people whose accounts were blocked temporarily.

Facebook explained that it was not against people discussing controversial topics on the platform and that the accounts which had been barred were victims of a glitch-ridden spam filtering system rather than censorship.

Certain activists, including those fighting for animal rights received a message from Facebook that their accounts were barred from posting any comments for the next 15 days.

"Facebook is not—and has never been—in the business of disabling accounts or removing content simply because people are discussing controversial topics. On the contrary, we want Facebook to be a place where people can openly express their views and opinions, even if others don't agree with them," Facebook said.

"It's also incorrect to assume that in every case where a person's account is disabled, or a piece of content is blocked or removed, it's because of the nature of the content itself," the company added.

Facebook maintained that it was against nudity, pornography, hate speech, and threats of violence on the platform, but it had no problem with people discussing controversial topics.