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Google to Introduce Chrome and WebKit-based Browser on Android Platform

According to recent reports, tech giant Google is getting ready to offer its Chrome browser and massively popular WebKit-based browser on the Android platform. Offering these web browsers on the Android platform has many people, experts and consumers, eager to experience this technology.

The mystery surrounding Google’s apparent reluctance to introduce Chrome on the Android platform has caused much confusion amongst IT pundits and general users for some time now. But recent reports haved revealed that Google is, in fact, planning a launch very soon.

This fresh round of rumors that Google is getting ready to unveil the Android versions of Chrome and WebKit-based browser has caused a lot of hype and speculation within the IT community. The technological possibilities are many, which has many IT experts and consumers excited.

“Google’s Android team is going to start making available another, slightly modified build of the Android browser, which will be fully open source,” according to “Think of it as Chromium to Google’s Chrome. Android-specific code will be removed and presumably anyone will be able to use this code to build a new mobile WebKit-based browser."