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Groupon Starting Online Retail Business?

Daily deals giant Groupon might be planning to expand into the realm of online retail, if the ongoing rumours are to be believed.

It was recently reported that the company had registered a number of domain names including ‘’ and ‘’, giving rise to suggestions that the company was expanding its operations to online retail, a domain largely dominated by Amazon.

The company is already huge in the local daily deals market and a local retail operation, although logistically difficult to manage, could prove to be a massive money spinner for Groupon.

But now, based on a recent development, it appears that some of the speculation about Groupon moving to the retail space might be coming true.

The company’s website in Chile added a new section titled ‘Productos’, which means Goods in Spanish, according to an article on the Washington Post website.

It was reported that the Productos section features items like kerosene stoves, kitchen robots and motorcycles at discounted rates of 40 per cent to 50 per cent less than the suggested retail price. This is not the first time that Groupon has offered products but the company has never before offered items for sale from a dedicated Goods section.